Bryce Harding "Mr. Chips"

Producer, Songwriter, Drummer, Beatboxer, Keyboard, Singer
Bryce Harding Drums
Bryce is a producer, songwriter, drummer, beatboxer, singer, keyboard player, and an experienced performer. Bryce was recently awarded the 2012 Kresge Artist Fellowship by the Kresge Arts in Detroit. Twelve performing artists…………

Bryce Harding Drummer
Drum Lessons
Bryce offers drum lessons for beginner to advanced students

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Piano Lessons
Bryce offers fun piano lessons to beginner and intermediate students

Bryce Harding Soul Divide
Soul Divide
Bryce is the drummer for the band Soul Divide. Soul Divide is a high energy original band that combines the elements of rock, blues, hip-hop, and soul. They are best known for their electric shows and powerful sound!

Bryce Harding Fritts and Chips
Fritts and Chips (Acoustic)
Bryce plays keyboard and sings with Fritts and Chips. Fritts and Chips are an electric acoustic duo that plays events and private parties.

Bryce Harding Stereo Jane
Stereo Jane
Bryce is working with Stereo Jane. Stereo Jane is an up-and-coming super group featuring two dynamic twin sisters Sydney and Emilia. They are quickly becoming the hottest ticket in the Detroit area.

Bryce Harding Beatbox Mr. Chips
Beatbox Seminars
Have you ever wanted to learn how to beatbox? Bryce offers beatboxing seminars to those who want to learn the basics and also those who already have a good start and want to learn more advanced techniques.

Bryce Harding Mr. Chips
Check out Bryce in newspapers, magazines, etc

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Click here to listen to some of Bryce's work and to get a rundown of songs he has recorded on

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See Bryce in action!