Bryce Harding "Mr. Chips"

Producer, Songwriter, Drummer, Beatboxer, Keyboard, Singer
Beatbox Seminars
Have you ever wanted to learn how to beatbox? Perhaps you already have a good start and want to get better. Mr. Chips has decided to reveal his secretes to beatboxing. He is offering two workshops. Beatboxing 101 for beginning techniques and Beatboxing Unlocked for advanced techniques. See pricing below
Email Mr. Chips to get on the seminar list! Let us know which one you are interested in and a representative will contact you about specific dates. Seminars are held at Jordan Mac Studios in Troy Michigan.
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Beatboxing 101
Beatboxing 101 is recommended to anyone who wants to become a better beatboxer. Don’t let the name fool you! The techniques and exercises Bryce teaches you in this course are those that he himself uses to keep his skills sharp.
The history of beatboxing and people to know
Bass drum technique
Snare drum technique
Hi-hat technique
Developing rhythm
Creating and learning beats
Music theory (as it relates to beatboxing and rhythm)
Strength/endurance training mouth and tongue muscles
Auditory illusions
How to learn and practice beats
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Beatboxing Unlocked
Beatboxing Unlocked is for beatboxers who already have a good start, either through their own studies or through Beatboxing 101, and wish to improve. Beatboxing Unlocked will shoot your skill set to another level!

Microphone manipulation
Advanced snare drum (inhaling)
Advanced hi-hat (inhaling)
Independence (doing two things simultaneously)
Breath control and management
Adding accents
Putting together a routine
Adding bass to a beat
Singing and beatboxing at the same time
Breakdown of Rahzels “if your mother only knew”
Beatboxing 101 $99
Beatboxing Unlocked $99