Bryce Harding "Mr. Chips"

Producer, Songwriter, Drummer, Beatboxer, Keyboard, Singer
Fritts and Chips
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Fritts and Chips are an award winning acoustic duo based out of Metro Detroit. They have played private events for Dan Gilbert with EO Detroit as well as Charity functions for Tyree Guyton and the Heidelberg Project. They cover Motown, Pop, Blues, Rock, and Funk and their song selection spans from 1950’s - Now. Fritts and Chips have tremendous versatility when it comes to playing a room. They can play very subtle acoustic music or they can get the party going and people dancing. Acoustic acts usually can’t go up a level if the event or party is looking for dancing later in the evening. Most full bands can’t bring the level down to background music while people are relaxing and eating. Fritts and Chips fits right in the middle of acoustic and full band and they absolutely love to perform and have a good time! Email for booking inquiries or click here
Fritts and Chips - Living For The City Cover