Bryce Harding "Mr. Chips"

Producer, Songwriter, Drummer, Beatboxer, Keyboard, Singer
SOFI K (One Way Ticket - Single)
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Eclyptic Blue (Self Titled EP)
Take me Home (Drums)
Whatchya Want (Drums)
Soul Divide (Tell The World)
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Until I Grew Up (Drums)
Leave It Alone (Drums)
Wait No More (Drums)
Motion (Drums)
Tell The World (Drums)
Nightime (Drums)
Somethin' Different (Beatbox)
Hold Back (Drums)
Kate Hart (Astral Sounds)
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Breath (Producer, Percussion, Keyboard)
Sacred Om of the Crop Circle (Producer, Keyboard)
Blaze (Producer, Monolini, Percussion)
Water Balance (Producer, Keyboard)
Spectrum (Producer, Keyboard)
DNA of the Violet Sun (Producer, Keyboard, Percussion)
Faith (Producer)
Eternity (Producer, Percussion, Vocals, Bass, Keyboard)
Gevorah (Producer, Percussion)
Aphrodite (Producer, Percussion)
Syncronicity (Producer, Percussion)
Immortality (Producer)
Purification By Light (Producer, Percussion)
The Poem Adept (The Sight Of Any Bird)
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Bear and Raccoon (Drums)
Bus or Beer (Drums)