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He’s been dubbed “a musical renaissance man”, and it only takes a few minutes with Bryce Harding to see why the multi-talented musician is constantly in demand.  As a producer, singer, songwriter, drummer, beatboxer, keyboard player, and dynamic performer, Bryce helps both established artists and up-and-coming phenoms shine a light on their signature sound and stand out in an increasingly crowded industry.

Bryce’s noteworthy and diverse portfolio includes work as a producer on albums with 11 time GRAMMY winner Mick Guzauski, 6-time GRAMMY winner Chris Lord Alge and GRAMMY winner Adam Hawkins. He both produced and co-wrote albums with SOFI K, Liz Ivory, and GRAMMY winner Kate Hart.

Bryce has also recorded with Motown legend Dennis Coffey, Larry Callahan and selected of god choir,  beatboxed on the famed stage of Harlem’s Apollo Theater (where he nabbed second place in the venue’s “Show Off” competition), and sat in with Shania Twain as a guest drummer for her performance at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

In 2012, Bryce was awarded the Kresge Artist Fellowship by Kresge Arts in Detroit, one of only twelve individuals selected by a distinguished panel of national and local artists to receive this incredible honor.. 

“The awards are widely considered to be one of the greatest honors a metro Detroit artist can receive.” – Detroit Free Press

Currently, Bryce divides his time between the studio, producing, writing, and live performances as well as guest and supporting spots with many of Detroit’s most popular acts.  

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Featured Video

kresge video

This featured video comes from a few years ago when Bryce won the kresge award in the music category.  This video shows off a couple of Bryces talents in beatboxing and drumming and also has a clip of him doing both at the same time.  

Bryce talks a little bit about some influences and what he does.  

Kresge Artist

selected in 2012

Bryce was selected as a Kresge artist in the music category in 2012.  KRESGE ARTIST FELLOWSHIPS are $25,000 awards and professional practice opportunities for emerging and established metro Detroit artists. Fellowships recognize creative vision and commitment to excellence within a wide range of artistic disciplines.

“The awards — which rank among the most lucrative in the country for individual artists — reward artistic excellence, nurture Detroit’s creative class and raise public awareness of the depth and breadth of artistic talent in Detroit.” – Detroit Free Press

Kresge Artists Fellows are selected by independent panels of distinguished national and local artists and arts professionals. Panelists represent the diversity of artistic styles within the disciplines, as well as diversity of age, ethnicity, gender, and geography.

Awardees are selected based on several criteria, including the potential for them to enhance and impact metro Detroit communities. The awards and fellowships are funded by the Kresge Foundation and facilitated by the Kresge Arts in Detroit office of the College for Creative Studies. – Detroit Metro Times

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