One of the things Bryce likes to do the most is teach!  Based out of Berkley Michigan, he gives private drum lessons and teaches people how to play the drums from all over Oakland County and Metro Detroit.

Building blocks of a great drummer


The most important thing in music!  Rhythm is what you “feel” in a song.  It is what you clap your hands to, why you tap your foot, the reason you bob your head, and what you dance to.  Improving your rhythm will not only make you a better drummer but will make you a better musician.   



One of my favorites! Having good technique means that you use your body efficiently and put yourself in a position to maximize the work you put in. Building good technique and fixing problems in someone’s technique is one of my highest priorities. I work with a lot of people who feel like they “hit a wall” and can’t gain any more speed or power. That is usually a technique issue that can be fixed!  Be effiecient and you will become better with less effort!



It is just like Ricky Bobby said “I wanna go fast.”  Speed is everyones favorite thing!  You can  become a faster drummer by doing targeted exercises, using good technique, and training.  




Music has so many different styles and they all have unique properties and rhythms on the drums.  Learning different styles of drumming opens up  your creative possibilities, expands your rhythmic palate, and gives you the ability to play rock, jazz, funk, pop, heavey metal, hip-hop, blues, latin, country, electronic, soul, motown, gospel, punk, and reggae.


Increased speed must be met with control and accuracy.  Nobody wants a fast sloppy drummer!  Control is what gives a drummer and musician their ability to create whatever sound they want and add nuasnces that seperate professionals from amatures.  



If you have ever done that thing where you rub your belly and pat your head at the same time then you have an understanding of coordination.   Developing the ability to control your limbs separately is a major part of being a good drummer.  This is achieved through exercises and training.

Drum Lessons for Professionals & Beginners

Bryce teaches an age range of 6 years old to 70 years old, beginner to advanced, and has a great relationship with all his students. Learning an instrument should be fun and challenging whether you are looking to become a professional or just want to play for fun.

Mastering Drum Solos 

When you become great at the building blocks of drumming then the solos will start to write themselves.  Being able to play a good drum solo and have that freedom is a combination of many of the building blocks on this page.   As you start to master all these different pieces you develop freedom on the drum kit.  It is the best feeling in the world to be able to create whatever you want.  The goal of playing the drums or any instrument is to develop freedom.  Click the link below to see a video where a few legendary drummers have total freedom.

Creating your own great beats

One of the goals of learning the drums is being able to express yourself and make up your own beats.  Here is one of my favorite quotes…..”Give someone a fish and they will eat for the day.  Teach someone to fish and they will eat for the rest of their life.”  When you want to be good at something you need to learn how to fish!  In other words, the goal isn’t to teach you one or two great beats that you have to read off of a page.  The ultimate goal is for you to have the tools to create whatever you want.  You will be learning all of the different elements that go into this. 

Kresge Artist

Bryce was selected as a Kresge artist in 2012. The Detroit Free Press calls the Kresge award “one of the greatest honors a metro Detroit artist can receive.”  

Jam out

Don’t Just learn…play music!

Students say that the best drum lessons are the ones where they get to play music.  Bryce has played with lots of musicians and groups throughout his career and knows what it’s like to play in bands.  He was honored as a kresge artist for his musical ability and versatility as a musician.  He uses his piano and singing ability to play songs while his students get to experience being the drummer.

Bryce was a guest performer with Shania Twain and has also played with Motown legend Dennis Coffee, Larry Callahan and selected of God Choir from Americas Got Talent, and opened up for the band Sheppard.

Playing the drums with another musician is a great way to develop the new drum skills you learn and it is also a lot of fun!  If you are looking for drum lessons in Oakland county send Bryce an email and give it a try.

Drumming helps open up

Creativity & connectivity

learn to be a great Musician

Part of being a great drummer is being a great musician.  These skills below are building blocks to being a great musician which are also very important for drummers.

Reading Music

The ability to read  music gives you access to any information you want to improve on or learn in the future.  It enables you to better understand the language of music.   


Drums don’t have as much music theory as melodic instruments but it is an important part of being a complete musician and drummer.  It will help you communicate with other musicians


One of the most undervalued aspects about being a good drummer is musicianship.  Good drummers understand music and listen to what is bing played and react to it.  You develop these instincts by playing with other musicians.

Bryce's Philosophy

I like to make music and drumming enjoyable for students because I believe that passion breeds success.” 

– Bryce Harding


Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.  Feel free to reach out!  Teaching is something that I’m very passionate about and something I really love doing.  If you are interested in learning or have any questions just shoot me a message using the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as I am able to.  

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