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Bryce has been playing music with Eric Fritts for a long time.  We had a mutual friend who would constantly tell us that we needed to get together and play music. We eventually took him up on his request and set a day and time to jam out and we have been doing so ever since. We have a similar philosophy about wanting things to be high quality and professional but at the same time we keep things loose and fun and leave room for spontaneity.

Fritts and Chips are only made up of two people but they sound like a full band and get hired for private events and shows.  For certain events they add a DJ and kick the party up another notch.  It is a really uniques experience to have so much music coming from 2 or 3 people.


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Dynamic Music Duo

Playing Parties Across Michigan

Fritts and Chips play mostly private events but every once in a while they play a public show.   They have played events for Dan Gilbert and the EO organization along with several events for 94.7 WCSX.  

Fritts and Chips have never played a private event where they didn’t have a great time!  

Playing in Fritts and Chips is one of the most fun things Bryce is able to do.  You get to go meet a bunch of new people, have a great time with them, and play music.  If you want to book Fritts and Chips just click on the link below to go to the official site and hit the contact link in the menu! 


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Playing music with Fritts is my favorite things to do in life.  If you want to hire us for an event the best thing to do is head on over to our official website.